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Payment Policy

Payment Policy

What are the payment options available at

Payment options currently available are Visa / Master Card, Maestro Card, Debit / Credit Card, Net Banking, Paypal, Cash on Delivery, Cash Before Delivery, Online Bank Transfer. Online payments is powered by ebs payment gateway, which provide secure encrypted connections for all credit card, debit card and net banking transactions. For customers with International Cards, we provide Paypal payment option as well.

Is Cash on Delivery options available on all orders?

No, Cash on Delivery option is available for orders that satisfy the following options:

1. Cash on Delivery options should be available for the pincode provided in shipping address. Your delivery address should be under serviceable     network of our courier partner.
2. For Cash On Delivery, COD pickup should be available from the store owner's location. Also COD should be permissible by store owner.
3. The cart should not contain any item(s) which require(s) customization
4. The cart should not contain vouchers which doesn't allow COD. Kindly check the voucher Terms and Conditions to know more.The order amount     should be Rs 399 and above.

Is there any charges for opting Cash on Delivery?

Yes, does not provide COD option for free. COD is available on orders Rs 399 & above at an additional charge of Rs 30 for products from every store. So that means if your cart has items from one store, COD charges would be Rs 30 and if your cart has items from 2 stores, then COD charges would be Rs 60. There is no COD available for order amount less than Rs 399.

What is Cash Before Delivery?

Cash Before Delivery is another payment option through Cash. in CBD, will be collecting cash from buyers before processing the order for shipping.

How Cash Before Delivery works? has parnered with GharPay to provide Cash Before Delivery option. Once order has been placed using CBD, Gharpay will be sending collecting agents to your billing address. After cash has been paid to the agent, Gharpay will be updating within 24 hours. On success intimation, will inform the sellers to start processing your order.

Is there any charges for opting Cash Before Delivery?

Yes, will be charging you Rs 10 extra for paying throug Cash Before Delivery. Currently, we are offering it for free.

Why is the payment option for Cash on Delivery not available on the Payment Page?

It can be because of either reasons:
1.Your  delivery address is not under serviceable network of our courier partner. You can provide other shipping address to avail Cash On Delivery.
2.Your cart contains items which you have requested for customization.
3.Your cart has voucher code which is not applicable on COD orders.
4.The store does not provide COD facility
5.The order amount is less than Rs 399.

Why is the payment option for Cash Before Delivery not available on the Payment Page?

It can be because of following reasons:
Your billing address is not under serviceable network of our Cash Before Delivery partner.You can provide other billing address to avail Cash Before Delivery.

What is Online Bank Transfer?

Online Bank Transfer is a method of electronic funds transfer, where in you can directly transfer funds from your net-banking account to our account. For such payments you would need to enter the order id in the comments section and enter the relevant amount for the order.  On realising the amount in our account, we would request the seller to dispatch the item.

How is Online Bank Transfer different from (ebs) Online Payment method?

In Online Payment method, you are redirected to safe and secure payment page of ebs to complete your online transfer. But in online bank transfer, you will be using online payment option provided by your bank. So once the order has been placed on, you will have to transfer the amount to our account through your net-banking facility.

1.Charges are applicable for all online transactions with Debit/Credit Cards and Online Bank Transfer
2.Charges are calculated on the total invoice cost and service tax is applicable as 14.2% of below charges.
3.The below mentioned charges are applicable to all E-COMMERCE Shopping Sites and All transactions through every E-COMMERCE Website in India &    leived accordingly by all the Banks.These charges are shown on Bank's websites
4.These charges are taken from the seller and they add to the cost price of any merchandise
5.The charges applicable are: Transaction fee of 3% to 4% for Debit Cards and 5% to 7% for Credit Cards
6.Payment Gateway Fee applicable between 0.5% to 2% for all transactions on Credit/Debit Card & Online Transfer
7.Payment Wallets also charge service fee as per applicable policy.
8.You can make bank transfer directly to which does not incurr above charges.

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