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Buy at Wholesale Prices upto 40% LESS

   (Rs.) Your can Earn Money upto 40% of Retail Price.

    (1) Receive Cash Back to your Accounts @ 40% for 5 products; 30% for 4 products; 25% for 3 & 20% for 2.
    (2) We will send invitations to your friends on your contact list to join your order.
    (3) You and Your Friends will receive Cash Back on every product purchased.
    (4) You and Your friends can buy maximum 5 products in an order and 1 product per person.
    (5) Price of product cannot be less than the price of first product on that order.
    (6) You have 3 days, Which can be extended till 5 days; We will process order on phone confirmation.
    (7) There are no hidden or cancellation charges.
    (8) We will apply service charge of 1-to-10% of the Cash Back Amount, which is your wholesale discount.
      We do not charge any markup on the price of the product - Which is Competitive and True.

Buy @ WholeSale With Friends

Gifting has 15% Reward.

   (Rs.) Gift Your Friend; On Your Own OR by Joining in contribution with other Friends.

    (1) You will receive 15% Discount for Gifting or 15% Cashback when Gifting With Contribution.
    (2) contributions must be a minimum of 30% of the Price.
    (3) The Recipient of the Gift will receive Money to his Account which can be converted to a Gift of higher or lower Price.
    (4) In case the recepient buys a lower priced product;
     The difference of the amount will be distributed in ratio to the Contributors.
    (5) Only Products that are classified as Gifts are applicable.
    (6) There shall be an service charge of 1-to-10% of the Cash Back Amount.
     We do not charge any markup on the price of the product.

Buy Gift for Your Friend

Buy The Product

     (1.) We have no margins/commission on this sale & you will receive 2 invoices
      1 from us and the other from the Seller showing the same Sale Price.
     (2.) You will receive a share of Our profits in that month, if the profit exceeds the defined margin which has accrued
     from sales commissions that we receive from Sellers on the basis of sale of goods & price negotiations.