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About the Sign-Up the Process:

During Joining; We will ask you for below details :

(1.) Your Contact Information.
      To Secure your account & Prevent fraud; Generate Invoices
      and for us to confirm any Financial Transaction.
(2.) Name & Phone No of your Friends.
      So that Your Friends can Connect with you on Social Network.
      Without this you will not be able to receive Gifts or Make Wholesale Purchases.

      Optional Detail such as:
(3.) Your Bank Details such as Account Number & Bank IFSC Code.
      We are collecting this information so that we can transfer your savings & earnings to your personal Saving Bank

We will take below steps to protect your Privacy & Savings by:

(1.) Authorization by OAC & Contact on your Personal Mobile number.
      Every Transaction must be validated by OAC.
      & We will take Your Verbal Confirmation on Phone before confirming a purchase or high value transaction.
(2.) Your Records will NEVER be Shared & shall be Protected.
      Records are stored with encryption by RSA algorithm.
      Records are divided and spanned across several databases with each having different and unique encryption key.
      We are also signing NON-DISCLOSURE Agreement with our customers.

      Have no doubt;   Please continue with "Proceed".